Gig Goin’ – My Day with Sleep Token and Northlane

today7 March 2024 25

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The Day of the Show

The day kicked off bright and early as my friend picked me up, and we set off for Birmingham. Departing around 10am, we aimed to explore Birmingham before the show. Our journey was filled with lively sing-alongs and speculating about which songs might play next. Despite encountering some traffic delays, our anticipation only grew as we approached the venue.


As Northlane took the stage with “Clarity,” the atmosphere ignited. Marcus Bridge, the vocalist, commanded the stage with beams of light casting an ethereal backdrop. The band delivered a dynamic set, showcasing their prowess with tracks like “Xen,” “Echo Chamber,” and a series of intense breakdowns from songs like “4D” and “Talking Heads.” It was a performance that left me eager to catch them again.

Sleep Token

Then came the moment I’d been eagerly awaiting: Sleep Token’s headline performance. Having discovered them in 2020, they quickly rose to the top of my playlist. This marked my third time seeing them live, and the excitement was palpable. With their upcoming album ‘Take Me Back to Eden’ on the horizon, they kicked off with a burst of energy, starting with their latest singles “Chokehold” and “The Summoning.” They even treated us to two unreleased tracks, “Granite” and “Aqua Regia,” which was a dream come true for a die-hard fan like myself. From older favorites like “Nazareth” to tracks spanning their entire discography, Sleep Token’s performance was nothing short of mesmerizing. And as they closed with “The Offering,” the song that initially drew me to their music, I knew this night would forever hold a special place in my concert memories.

Written by: Ethan Barnes

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