A love letter to Newport’s nightlife – 1994

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Goodbye Newport.

1994 unfolded without a clear plan. In January, I submitted my UCAS form, hoping for a spot in university. A trip to Falmouth in April with a fellow photography enthusiast, Gerwyn, sparked the idea of a fresh start. After completing my BTEC ND Media in May, I found myself in Cornwall come September—quite the leap from my Newport roots. Bid farewell to my trusty tangomobile; it wasn’t fit for the journey.

Settling into a shared house, my humble abode boasted the smallest and most affordable room—a bit damp, but dubbed “Cornish mould” by the landlord. As I embarked on my Broadcasting Studies degree, the house transformed into a hub of creativity, with a makeshift darkroom in the utility room. Amidst Lynx Java-scented chaos, I navigated the challenges of academia and adulthood.

Radio dominates

My love for radio remained steadfast, prompting a visit to Trellisk Hospital Radio in Truro with broadcasting pals, Jono and Emma. Disappointed by the absence of a suitable radio outlet, I grappled with the changes at Radio 1, mourning the loss of familiar voices like Gary Davies.

Taking a break from DJing, I immersed myself in observing other DJs, learning invaluable lessons from the energetic “Mad Andy” and exploring new nightlife spots with friends. French Connection, Lloyds, and Ritzys became our go-to haunts, with late-night pit stops for post-party snacks in Newport and Falmouth.

My soundtrack to 1994

Musically, collaborations dominated the charts, signaling a shift in pop culture. Now, let’s dive into the sonic landscape of 1994:

  1. Floorfiller:

    • Baby D – “Let Me Be Your Fantasy”
      • Stay tuned for tales of Falmouth’s club scene, where this anthem ruled the dance floor.
  2. Twister:

    • M Beat featuring General Levy – “Incredible”
      • A high-voltage track that bridged genres and captivated audiences, teaching me to appreciate diverse dance anthems.
  3. Clubber:

    • Reel 2 Reel featuring the Mad Stuntman – “I Like to Move It”
      • Dedicated to my party-loving friend Toni, whose infectious energy lit up the dance floor at Ritzys.
  4. Coolest:

    • Degrees of Motion featuring Biti – “Shine On”
      • A soulful fusion of vocals and beats that became synonymous with my Falmouth experience.
  5. Radio Tune:

    • Youssou N’Dour featuring Neneh Cherry – “7 Seconds”
      • A mesmerizing track that resonated on the airwaves, introducing me to new sounds and perspectives.

As we bid adieu to 1994, I extend my gratitude to friends from Newport and Falmouth for making this year unforgettable.

Written by: Ian.Lamsdale

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