A love letter to Newport’s nightlife – 1995

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Cubbing mirrored

1995 marked my first year at Falmouth College of Arts, where I pursued Broadcasting Studies. Despite my aspirations for a glamorous job, reality led me to Nimbus Records in Cwmbran. My days were spent assembling CD albums, including the monumental Oasis record “What’s the Story, Morning Glory.” While I never met Liam or Noel Gallagher, I forged friendships and funded my university journey through this job.

In Falmouth, nightlife mirrored that of Newport, with familiar haunts like Heights 2000 and Ritzy’s finding their counterparts in Insomniacs and Club International. Wednesday and Saturday nights revolved around Quayside and the Cork and Bottle, with Shades offering a local experience frowned upon by students but embraced by the adventurous. Shades had a mirrored walls, much like the second floor of the Bank in Griffin Street in Newport. It also suffered from the same affliction, sweaty steam dripping off when the dancefloor was full!

Learning the language

University life introduced me to a diverse social circle, from broadcasting buddies to local lads bonded by sports. Rugby Union became a common ground, facilitating conversations and camaraderie over shared pasties and matches. Talking about sport was an essential new language I needed to develop.

My alter-ego, DJ Lamsie, experienced a lull, save for occasional student bar gigs. However, my passion for radio remained steadfast, with memorable moments like taping the transition from Steve Wright to Chris Evans on Radio 1.

Now, let's delve into the sounds of 1995.


   – Livin’ Joy – “Dreamer”

      – A timeless classic that still sets the dance floor ablaze, embodying the essence of ’90s euphoria.



   – Bobby Brown – “Two Can Play That Game”

      – A surprising favourite that defied my expectations, proving the eclectic allure of ’90s music.


   – Oasis – “Wonderwall”

      – Unexpected but unforgettable, this anthem marked the end of many memorable nights and even inspired the occasional karaoke session.


   – Coolio featuring LV – “Gangsta’s Paradise”

      – A mainstream masterpiece with an undeniable cool factor, capturing the essence of ’90s hip-hop culture.


Radio Tune:

   – Everything but the Girl – “Missing”

      – A track that resonated deeply during my Falmouth days, evoking memories of late-night broadcasts and shared moments with friends.

As we bid farewell to 1995, I extend gratitude to my housemates, friends, and colleagues who made this year unforgettable. Cheers to the memories, and here’s to many more musical journeys ahead.


Written by: Ian.Lamsdale

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