A love letter to Newport’s nightlife – 1997

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Curry and laughs

Its 1997, I’m still studying in Falmouth and running ‘Flavour’ Falmouth College Radio. I’m about to have my first curry, hand in one 5,000 and one 10,000 document and pull the mother of all practical jokes on my best mate. In music, dance was about to dominate the charts and my life.

On completing my major dissertation of 10,000 words, and after a radio show for Flavour it was party time. After a few lagers, we rolled into the local Indian restaurant. Curry prior to this was in my father’s words ‘foreign muck’. The dish of choice for my mum and sister was a packaged/branded Vesta curry, which to me smelt awful. I was not going there. Out of my depth and a little tipsy I followed my best mate, Dan’s lead. When I say followed I mean copied! Out of my mouth came the words “Chicken Rogan, Half rice, Half chips and two poppadum’s please… and pint of lager”. History was made. I was now a curry convert.

I am grateful to Dan for the introduction. That’s doesn’t mean though that I’m going to spare his blushes. I was shocked to find my fellow raver, nemesis and hardcore drinker was sneakily tipping his pint on the floor. Caught out big style… lightweight.

There was also a time when Dan had caught a cold, and it developed into a nasty sore throat. Gerwyn saw an opportunity for a practical joke that would leave Dan looking the most confused I’d ever seen. Taking Dan’s love of sport and current illness, we told him this… “Dan, you know when you play football and you pull a muscle you use ‘Deep Heat’. Well they’ve developed a new throat spray”. Imagine our faces as we all marched down to Boots in Falmouth to see Dan fall hook, line and sinker. The lovely lady behind the counter looked equally perplexed as he asked her for some ‘Deep Throat’. Gerwyn and I would have loved to have helped, but we were busy fighting back tears of laughter in the baby aisle.

Falling in love and Lamsie Ba!

I passed my Broadcasting Studies degree. Ian Lamsdale was about to become Ian Lamsdale (BA Hons). Graduation day was the first of many bittersweet experiences for me that summer. I was so pleased that all my family came to see me don the mortar board and gown. I also knew that it was the last time I would spend with my team of friends in Falmouth. I’d also left it late for a bit of love. I’d met Andrea, a local girl, through Kirsty, Kate and Sam. I felt like I was falling for her after only three weeks, but my time in Cornwall was over. Andrea and I didn’t really get started.

My alter ego, DJ Lamsie was also getting ready to say goodbye to the love of his life. I was determined not to let Flavour go the same way as Lliswerry High School Radio. A succession plan was put in place. Stuart Clary was about to become the new Station Manager. I was also presenting the weekly chart show and a regular lunchtime show with Lucia. It was the first time that I’d ever considered a title for my autobiography. As a seasoned afternoon DJ, I considered “Legend in my own lunchtime”. Only two problems, I wasn’t famous, and I was too lazy to write!

Still heavily influenced by Radio 1, I took the decision to create ‘Falmouth College Radios Greatest hits countdown, mimicking their all-time top 100.

Now, let's talk tunes – '97 was a sonic rollercoaster:

Floorfiller: Sash featuring La Trec – ‘Stay’

   – This track had us hitting the dance floor with its infectious beats and club vibes. Absolute gold for any party playlist.

Twister: Dannii – ‘All I Wanna Do’

   – Dannii Minogue surprised us all with this catchy number. It’s a guilty pleasure that never fails to get us grooving.

Clubber:** Ultra Nate – ‘Free’

   – When ‘Free’ came on, you knew it was time to bust a move. Ultra Nate’s vocals and killer beats made this track a dance floor favourite.

Coolest: Gala – ‘Freed from Desire’

   – Gala took us on a musical journey with ‘Freed from Desire’. It’s the kind of tune that gets stuck in your head for days – in the best way possible.

Radio Tune: Natalie Imbruglia – ‘Torn’

   – ‘Torn’ by Natalie Imbruglia hit us right in the feels with its raw emotion and relatable lyrics. A radio staple and a timeless classic.

As I bid adieu to ’97, I raise a glass to my Falmouth crew and all the memories we made. Here’s to laughter, love, and a whole lot of good music – cheers to the next adventure.

Written by: Ian.Lamsdale

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