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Series 1 – Episode 1. Space Babies.

It feels like eons since we last had an episode of Doctor Who grace our screens. The gap between the Christmas Special titled “The Church on Ruby Road” now seems like a distant memory.

Bits of that episode still linger in my mind: goblins kidnapping babies for Christmas dinner, falling Christmas trees, snowmen, and even a musical number. Many fans argue that the show seems to be taking a Disney-themed turn, especially with Disney’s partial funding of Bad Wolf Studios for the show’s production.

The whimsy and silliness of the show lately might perplex some viewers, but there’s a logical explanation for it. The Doctor and their latest time-traveling companion find themselves in the realm of the Toymaker, where conventional logic takes a backseat. This realm leans heavily into fantasy rather than adhering to the typical rules of science fiction—a trait Doctor Who has never shied away from. Remember, a neutron does not flow in this universe!

With three episodes (including the 2023 Christmas Special, if we’re counting) into this fresh series, it’s evident that Russell T Davies’ return feels like the BBC’s last-ditch effort to revitalise the show amidst declining viewership.

“Space Babies” was, overall, an enjoyable episode. Baby-sized adults running a space station baby farm, complete with a guard dog made of baby snot, added a whimsical touch. Davies’ knack for family-friendly entertainment shines through, with well-executed toilet humour that keeps the tone light.

One standout scene involved the Doctor using unconventional methods—making the baby farm pass wind—to navigate to their destination, accompanied by Jocelyn, also known as Nanny. Moreover, the recurring appearance of Susan Twist adds an intriguing layer of mystery to the show. Who is she truly? The possibilities spark curiosity, reminiscent of Davies’ penchant for keeping viewers guessing.

Ncuti Gatwa’s portrayal of the latest Doctor is a breath of fresh air. He embodies the eccentricity and charm expected of the character, making him a compelling addition to the long line of Doctors. His performance speaks volumes, captivating audiences with his eccentric portrayal.

Additionally, Millie Gibson’s presence in the show is a welcome sight. Despite recent unpleasant tabloid rumours about her departure after just one series, her performance alongside Gatwa has been thoroughly entertaining. Together, they inject new life into the series, paving the way for exciting possibilities.

In conclusion, “Space Babies” marks a promising start to the series. I eagerly anticipate delving into the next episode, “The Devil’s Chord,” and invite you to join me on this journey. Both episodes are available for viewing on BBC iPlayer.

Written by Daniel Price.
Photos courtesy of BBC Pictures

Written by: Ian.Lamsdale

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