Getting To Know Us: Sam Grant

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Q. How long have you been on the team at Newport City Radio, Sam and what do you do?

A. Since autumn 2023, after I won the chance to co-present a radio show in a raffle. I had such a lot of fun, that I asked if I could stick around for more!

I’m a keen sports fan so I like to get involved in any radio sport projects. I also put together the gig guide for the Pure Local show. I love live music.

Q. Have you ever been a collector of anything?

A. Yeah – trainers! I have 62 pairs – all still kept in their boxes.

Q. Which Superhero are you?

A. Myself!

Q. What’s your karaoke song?

A. Live Forever – Oasis

Q. Who is the most eccentric member of your family?

A. Definitely me! I don’t care what others think – I do what I want.

Q. Which would you rather take part in, The Great British Bake Off or Strictly Come Dancing?

A. Bake Off. I was unwell lately and started learning to cook because it was something I could do at home whilst recovering.  I’m getting quite good at it!

Q. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from Newport?

A. Orlando, Florida, USA

Q. Do you have a lucky item of clothing?

A. No but I have an unlucky jacket. It’s an expensive navy smock jacket and every time I wear it I get into some sort of trouble!

Q. Tell us something Newport is famous for.

A. Boxer, David “Bomber” Pearce. His bronze statue has a QR code on it so visitors can find out about him. The statue is located by the River Usk in Newport, near the Riverfront venue.

Q. Tell us something great about Newport City Radio.

A. We’re always looking for local musical talent to introduce to the listeners.

Written by: Kym Frederick

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