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Matt Rowley talks to Slash…. yep that one!

The full chat... Matt RowleyI caught up with the legendary Slash from Guns and Roses in the small hours of this morning. I hope you enjoy it as much as. I do.We have a legendary treat for you today. None other than the iconic guitarist from Guns N' Roses, the man behind some of the most memorable scene rock history journey, and his legacy. And what's next on his horizon? So crank up the volume and get ready for an […]

today16 May 2024 77 3

Doctor Who, Series 1. Episode 2, Ncuti and Millie as the Doctor and Millie dressed in 1960's era clothing

TV review

New Nu-Who the review – The Devil’s chord

Series 1 - Episode 2. The Devil's Chord One episode down of series one, or is it series 14? Time travel can really confuse you! Anyway, one episode down, seven to go! Last Saturday, we were treated to a double feature of the latest series of Doctor Who.The second episode, titled "The Devil’s Chord," took us to the swinging sixties—the year where it all began for us and our time-traveling Doctor. This time, we found ourselves at Abbey Road Studios, […]

today15 May 2024 25


New Nu-Who the review – Space Babies

Series 1 - Episode 1. Space Babies. It feels like eons since we last had an episode of Doctor Who grace our screens. The gap between the Christmas Special titled "The Church on Ruby Road" now seems like a distant memory. Bits of that episode still linger in my mind: goblins kidnapping babies for Christmas dinner, falling Christmas trees, snowmen, and even a musical number. Many fans argue that the show seems to be taking a Disney-themed turn, especially with […]

today12 May 2024 35

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A love letter to Newport’s nightlife – 1997

Curry and laughs Its 1997, I’m still studying in Falmouth and running ‘Flavour’ Falmouth College Radio. I’m about to have my first curry, hand in one 5,000 and one 10,000 document and pull the mother of all practical jokes on my best mate. In music, dance was about to dominate the charts and my life.On completing my major dissertation of 10,000 words, and after a radio show for Flavour it was party time. After a few lagers, we rolled into […]

today10 April 2024 15

Photos of the JTU gig


Gig Goin’ – The resurrection of Jump the Underground

Finally, it's the return... After a 15 year hiatus and a couple of failed attempts beyond their control at a reunion show, it seems fitting that on Good Friday the beginning of the resurrection of Jesus that Newport's' Indie/Rock favourites Jump The Underground held their show at the recently refurbished and opened Corn Exchange venue.This sold out show was much anticipated both by fans and the band themselves no doubt. The bill was completed by support from Familia, The Dirty […]

today30 March 2024 145 3

Logo for 25 years of DJ Lamsie


A love letter to Newport’s nightlife – 2008

A year of massive change As I reflect on the tumultuous journey of 2008, a year marked by both professional milestones and personal challenges, I invite you to join me on a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of this unforgettable chapter. Six Nations rugby remained a steadfast passion amidst the chaos, as I continued my role at BRfm in Brynmawr, selling radio advertising and presenting shows. Inspired by the fervour for Welsh rugby, I pioneered the concept of […]

today28 March 2024 10

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Gig Goin’ – Triumphant Night At The Tramshed.

Rusty Shackle roguish warm up A fantastic evening in the Capital as Caldicot's Rusty Shackle were in town for their biggest headline show to date a 'huge milestone in their musical journey' according to their Facebook event and it certainly lived up to that billing. The event was Co Hosted with Newport's Dirty Carrot Records and the supporting line up was a brilliant representation of the music scene in the area. It promised to be a great event.First up were […]

today23 March 2024 137 7

Logo for 25 years of DJ Lamsie


A love letter to Newport’s nightlife – 1996

When the worst thing happpens As I reminisce about my DJ journey spanning 25 years, Newport remains a distant memory as I return to Falmouth College of Arts in 1996 to continue my Broadcasting Studies degree. However, life took an unexpected turn with the sudden loss of my father. 1996 began with the harsh reality of grief, as I grappled with a range of emotions following my father's passing. Despite the turmoil, my resolve to return to Falmouth was met […]

today21 March 2024 10

Logo for 25 years of DJ Lamsie


A love letter to Newport’s nightlife – 1995

Cubbing mirrored 1995 marked my first year at Falmouth College of Arts, where I pursued Broadcasting Studies. Despite my aspirations for a glamorous job, reality led me to Nimbus Records in Cwmbran. My days were spent assembling CD albums, including the monumental Oasis record "What's the Story, Morning Glory." While I never met Liam or Noel Gallagher, I forged friendships and funded my university journey through this job.In Falmouth, nightlife mirrored that of Newport, with familiar haunts like Heights 2000 […]

today14 March 2024 23



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