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Newport History: Ye Olde Murenger House

Just How Old is This Old Pub? When talking about the oldest pubs in Newport, two pubs will come to mind. The Carpenters and Ye Olde Murenger House. Today, we’re going to be talking about The Murenger. Last week, I told you the story of Tom Toya Lewis and how he ended up getting a pub named after him. The Murenger also has an interesting story about how it got its name. In Medieval times, a murenger was someone who was responsible for […]

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Getting To Know Us: Dani Murray

Who is Dani? Q. How long have you been with Newport City Radio and what is your role? I've been with Newport City Radio since 2015. I co-present the Pure Local & Pure Local EXTRA show. I also co-present & produce the Metal Kettle Show with Aimee & Ethan Q. Which song makes you want to dance? A. I don’t really dance – I have no rhythm but if I had to choose, I would go for Da Light by […]

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Newport History: Tom Toya Lewis, Local Hero

Who Was Tom Toya Lewis? Once upon a time, there was a popular pub in Newport owned by Wetherspoons. The Tom Toya Lewis. Many people from Newport would enjoy a drink and a meal here, but not a lot of people know his story. Who was Tom Toya Lewis? Tom was a local hero in Newport. Around this time in Newport, the docks were expanding. Newport had become a busy place for exports and to accommodate the growing demands, work on expansion had to begin. The […]

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Getting To Know Us: Dan Price

Who is Dan? Q. Dan, how long have you been a volunteer at Newport City Radio and what is your role? A. I joined the team in 2014. I co-present and produce Throwback Thursday with Angela and I produce and record the What’s On guide with Avery. Q. What’s the best thing about being part of Newport City Radio? A. It helps me to keep the old grey matter active! Q. What song makes you want to dance? A. Cold […]

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Newport Factoid #6 A Suffragette’s Postbox

Lady Rhondda A post box situated by the graveyard along the Risca Road in Newport was made famous when influential suffragette, Lady Rhondda set fire to it, resulting in her refusing to pay a fine and being sent to prison. A blue plaque commemorating the suffragette can be seen on the house next to the site of the postbox.

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Newport’s Medieval Ship

Wait....Newport Has A Ship? During the construction of the Riverfront Theatre in 2002, on the banks of the river Usk, the remains of a 15th century ship was found. A team of archaeologists excavated and lifted the ship from the ground, timber by timber. The ship was probab;y built around the area of France and Spain around 1449. The ship was a three-masted, merchant vessel. It was over 30 metres in length and capable of carrying around 200 tons of […]

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Getting To Know Us: Ethan Barnes

Who is Ethan? Q. What’s your role at Newport City Radio? A. I’m a Co-Presenter on The Indie Show with Luke & Stephen & The Metal Kettle with Dani Murray, as well as helping around with the live sound tech at events. I’m on the blogging team also. Q. What’s your favourite part of being on the team? A. The feeling of being welcome and the overall friendliness of everyone. Q. What song makes you want to dance? A. Anabolic Spudsman (Thique Edition) – Bilmuri, Spencer Stewart and Will Ramos […]

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Our LLMA Sponsors: Coleg Gwent

Want To Learn More? Coleg Gwent is Wales' largest further education and one of the best-performing colleges, delivering a wide range of part-time and full-time academic and vocational courses to over 16,000 students annually. Operating across five local authorities, we pride ourselves on delivering the best education and training to meet the individual needs of our communities while providing the best opportunities for learners to achieve their potential. At Coleg Gwent, we offer a comprehensive curriculum of A Level, full-time vocational courses, apprenticeships, and university-level […]

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