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Gimme Five: Ways To Happiness

 What Is Not To Love About Feeling Happy? Do something nice for someone else The fastest way to feeling good is to do something to help someone else. Volunteer your time, lend a listening ear, or perform acts of kindness for others. Giving back to your community and supporting those in need gives a sense of purpose and fulfillment.  It really works - try it! Practice Gratitude Take time each and every day to reflect on the things you're grateful […]

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Gimme 5: Books To Motivate You

How To Be Brilliant by Michael Heppell Michael Heppell is a British author. His easy style of writing makes it feel like he is sitting next to you chatting. In this book he talks about how the simplest things can make a huge difference in family life, with friends and at work. He  shows you how to make the critical steps from average to good and from good to brilliant – at work and in life. He'll help you work […]

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Gimme 5: Plants You Can Grow On A Windowsill & Eat

Tomatoes Tomato plants need plenty of light in order to produce flowers and then fruit. Too little light – plants become leggy, spindly and lack vigour. Another consideration is growing above a radiator. Too much heat and plants tend to shoot up like rockets – becoming leggy. The Ideal Situation A windowsill with plenty of light, or perhaps in a porch or conservatory, with a temperature around 18C during the day and 15C at night. Trailing tomato plants save space […]

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