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Newport History: Ye Olde Murenger House

Just How Old is This Old Pub? When talking about the oldest pubs in Newport, two pubs will come to mind. The Carpenters and Ye Olde Murenger House. Today, we’re going to be talking about The Murenger. Last week, I told you the story of Tom Toya Lewis and how he ended up getting a pub named after him. The Murenger also has an interesting story about how it got its name. In Medieval times, a murenger was someone who was responsible for […]

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Newport History: Tom Toya Lewis, Local Hero

Who Was Tom Toya Lewis? Once upon a time, there was a popular pub in Newport owned by Wetherspoons. The Tom Toya Lewis. Many people from Newport would enjoy a drink and a meal here, but not a lot of people know his story. Who was Tom Toya Lewis? Tom was a local hero in Newport. Around this time in Newport, the docks were expanding. Newport had become a busy place for exports and to accommodate the growing demands, work on expansion had to begin. The […]

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Newport’s Medieval Ship

Wait....Newport Has A Ship? During the construction of the Riverfront Theatre in 2002, on the banks of the river Usk, the remains of a 15th century ship was found. A team of archaeologists excavated and lifted the ship from the ground, timber by timber. The ship was probab;y built around the area of France and Spain around 1449. The ship was a three-masted, merchant vessel. It was over 30 metres in length and capable of carrying around 200 tons of […]

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Children Of The Mines

Black Gold The coal industry in Wales in the ninetieth and twentieth century was very important. By 1913, 60 million tons of coal were produced from over 600 colliaries and one in ten welsh people worked in the mining industry. Iron and coal were transported from the Gwent Valleys to Newport Docks and from Newport to the world. Until the mid-ninetieth century, men, women and children worked alongside each other in these mines. Working conditions were hard and dangerous. Hours […]

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The History of Newport

Newport RisingOn November 4th, 1839 the last large-scale uprising in Britain took place and it happened in Newport. Today we are going to look at the story of the Newport Risingand the people involved.In 1838 the Chartists submitted their petition to the Parliament. However, the House of Commons rejected the first Chartist petition for democracy. This lead to the Chartists planning their uprising, demanding to be heard and demanding the government listen to the charter.So, what was in the people’s […]

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