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First thoughts – The Eurekas; “Falling From Your Grace”

It's fiesty! The Eurekas are back, and they are angry. Their fourth single, "Falling From Your Grace," shows the band has something to say, and they do it in style. With their sights aimed squarely at the political establishment, this track delivers a powerful punch. From their debut single, "Made You Look," the band has always made their intentions clear. Their latest offering is a follow-up to "While The World Was Ending (I Was In A Rock N Roll Band)," […]

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Behind The Song: Hetty & Jimi by Tom Crow

What's the connection between superstar guitarist, Jimi Hendrix & Welsh school teacher, Hetty Taylor? Tom Crow, a local folk songwriter visited Newport City Radio recently and told Dani and Kym the story that inspired a song called Hetty & Jimi.  Hetty Taylor was a school teacher at a small school in the mining town of Aberfan. Jimi Hendrix was possibly the most famous guitarist in the world. October 21, 1966, marked a day that Aberfan, perhaps the world will never […]

today16 April 2024 31


Behind The Song: O’Malley by Act Happy

Who Was Grace O'Malley? Rhiannon and Jax of Act Happy are great story tellers, often creating delightlfully catchy tunes about real life characters from history. Here, Rhiannon tells us us about how they came to write a song about a legendary female pirate. Jax first had the idea to write a song about Grace. We ordered pizza and opened a bottle of wine and started playing around with some chords - in the key of ‘C’ as a fun little […]

today6 April 2024 40

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Behind The Song: Tracy by Jump The Underground

  Who is Tracy? I was curious to know who Tracy is in this song by Jump The Underground. I asked the lyricist, Antony Smith and this is what he told me.Tracy is a song about a young naive student who went to art school, His background and knowledge of art was purely based on his love for graffiti and he was active in the graffiti scene in Southampton, prior to going to art school. In art school, he was dumbfounded. […]

today14 March 2024 42

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