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Doctor Who, Series 1. Episode 2, Ncuti and Millie as the Doctor and Millie dressed in 1960's era clothing

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New Nu-Who the review – The Devil’s chord

Series 1 - Episode 2. The Devil's Chord One episode down of series one, or is it series 14? Time travel can really confuse you! Anyway, one episode down, seven to go! Last Saturday, we were treated to a double feature of the latest series of Doctor Who.The second episode, titled "The Devil’s Chord," took us to the swinging sixties—the year where it all began for us and our time-traveling Doctor. This time, we found ourselves at Abbey Road Studios, […]

today15 May 2024 25


New Nu-Who the review – Space Babies

Series 1 - Episode 1. Space Babies. It feels like eons since we last had an episode of Doctor Who grace our screens. The gap between the Christmas Special titled "The Church on Ruby Road" now seems like a distant memory. Bits of that episode still linger in my mind: goblins kidnapping babies for Christmas dinner, falling Christmas trees, snowmen, and even a musical number. Many fans argue that the show seems to be taking a Disney-themed turn, especially with […]

today12 May 2024 35

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