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Gig Goin’ – WRKHOUSE at Le Pub

Introducing: WRKHOUSE After releasing their debut EP ‘Out of the Blue’, North Wales four-piece WRKHOUSE made their live debut at the iconic Le Pub. This sold-out show, thanks to their loyal and fast growing fanbase, was highly anticipated by supporters and the band themselves. The line-up was completed by support from Good Things and Cyn Cwsg providing an exciting mix of indie and rock artists from different parts of Wales. Support Good Things are an indie band from Cardiff who […]

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A love letter to Newport’s nightlife – 1997

Curry and laughs Its 1997, I’m still studying in Falmouth and running ‘Flavour’ Falmouth College Radio. I’m about to have my first curry, hand in one 5,000 and one 10,000 document and pull the mother of all practical jokes on my best mate. In music, dance was about to dominate the charts and my life.On completing my major dissertation of 10,000 words, and after a radio show for Flavour it was party time. After a few lagers, we rolled into […]

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A love letter to Newport’s nightlife – 2008

A year of massive change As I reflect on the tumultuous journey of 2008, a year marked by both professional milestones and personal challenges, I invite you to join me on a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of this unforgettable chapter. Six Nations rugby remained a steadfast passion amidst the chaos, as I continued my role at BRfm in Brynmawr, selling radio advertising and presenting shows. Inspired by the fervour for Welsh rugby, I pioneered the concept of […]

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Behind The Song: Tracy by Jump The Underground

  Who is Tracy? I was curious to know who Tracy is in this song by Jump The Underground. I asked the lyricist, Antony Smith and this is what he told me.Tracy is a song about a young naive student who went to art school, His background and knowledge of art was purely based on his love for graffiti and he was active in the graffiti scene in Southampton, prior to going to art school. In art school, he was dumbfounded. […]

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A love letter to Newport’s nightlife – 1994

Goodbye Newport. 1994 unfolded without a clear plan. In January, I submitted my UCAS form, hoping for a spot in university. A trip to Falmouth in April with a fellow photography enthusiast, Gerwyn, sparked the idea of a fresh start. After completing my BTEC ND Media in May, I found myself in Cornwall come September—quite the leap from my Newport roots. Bid farewell to my trusty tangomobile; it wasn't fit for the journey.Settling into a shared house, my humble abode […]

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A love letter to Newport’s nightlife – 1993

Memories and music of a Newport DJ – 1993 1993 marked a tumultuous year academically, as I found myself more engrossed in nurturing Lliswerry High School Radio than focusing on my A Levels. With dismal grades in Drama, Computing, and English Language, I was at a crossroads. However, a push from family led me to Crosskeys College, where I pursued a BTEC ND in Media, excelling when the radio module finally came around. On the professional front, I juggled jobs […]

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Photo of the outside of Corn Exchange Newport


Why I’ve stayed away, ahead of the opening night at the Corn Exchange music venue

Newport City Radio has been based here at on the upper floor at the Corn Exchange project since the start of January. I've tried (and failed) to keep clear of the building work being completed on what promises to be the most thrilling new music venue in a generation. I’ve been proud to witness its development. A quick personal history. I’ve been here before. Chicago Rock, as a customer, back in the day. Charter Housing in the 2010s setting up […]

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Behind The Song: Susan by Act Happy

Behind The Song: Susan by Act HappyRhiannon and Jax are Act Happy, an acoustic duo from Newport. I asked them about Susan, a song they wrote together. Rhiannon said, “Jax wrote the opening riff for Susan during lockdown as part of a solo project before we knew each other. We decided to use the riff as the starting point for our next song. Jax wanted it to be a folk song about a witch. The name Susan just seemed to fit well […]

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